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What questions should you ask when searching for accuracy or reliability on a website?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2016  |  328 Views
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To evaluate the websites you visit for accuracy and reliability, keep in mind the questions below:

Is the writer an authority on the topic?
Is the information relevant to your search?
Where was the information published?  What domain?
When? Is the information current?
What is the purpose of the

More questions to help you evaluate websites:

Woman Scientist EXPERTISE

 Is the author identified?

 What are the author's qualifications?
Balanced scales

 Is the page free of advertisements?

 Is the information free of unreasonable bias?

 Is the information presented without motives or an agenda?
Bullseye on Dartboard  ACCURACY

 Can you confirm the information in other sources?

 Does the author include a reference list or bibliography?
Long scroll

 Is the article long enough?

 Is the article mostly text, or are there a lot of images?


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