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Why do instructor require us sometimes to use Baker’s library databases to the exclusion of Google?

Last Updated: May 16, 2016  |  148 Views
Topics: Databases

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Instructors may want to save you the time that might be wasted from finding a website with questionable information. Instructors also realize that while there are reliable websites, there are places in searching general Internet websites on Google where the information can be written by anyone, and may be inaccurate. 

Instructors usually want you to utilize one of the library databases for college-level, reliable, and accurate information.  Typically, they suggest or insist that students use scholarly articles or academic journals.  These are published articles written by people with experience in the field in question.  These articles will cite the references from which they got their information.

They may further direct you to use peer-reviewed articles, meaning that after the article is written it is reviewed by other experts in that field of endeavor before it is published.

So the best place for research to begin is:

Online Resources - Subject List

Then choose a category dealing with your subject and try one or more of the specific databases. 

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