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How do I indent my references in Microsoft Word?

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017  |  86484 Views
Topics: APA, Software

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To create a hanging indent on your References page to comply with APA:

  • Highlight your References list.
  • On the Home tab, click on the arrow in the lower right hand corner of Paragraph.
  • In the Indentation section of the box, use the drop down menu under Special to choose Hanging.  
  • Click OK.

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Other Answers / Comments (20)

  1. Thanks guys, that was really helpful.
    by henry on Feb 27, 2014.
  2. I found this very helpful for my post graduate project writing. Thanks a lot!!!
    by Tosin on Aug 04, 2014.
  3. Thank-you! This was exactly what I was looking for and helped immensely :)
    by Lynn on Sep 17, 2014.
    by Paris on Dec 17, 2014.
  5. Was very helpful. Thank you.
    by trix on Jan 15, 2016.
  6. Another way to create a hanging indent is, after highlighting the area you want indented, right click on the highlighted area and from the list select Paragraph. This will give you the option to change the drop-down menu under Special: to Hanging.
    by Patrick Mullane on Feb 03, 2016.
  7. Thank you. I have learned a very important aspect. Continue teaching us.
    by Edna on Sep 21, 2016.
  8. Haha! Exactly what I've been looking for! Just three four clicks and it's done... just the way I wanted. God bless you! I mean it!!
    by Nelson on Oct 11, 2016.
  9. Thank you very is very useful for APA reference.
    by syed on Oct 22, 2016.
  10. Thanks so much. I was out of ideas and this information was easy to follow. Perfect!
    by Chris on Nov 16, 2016.
  11. Really helpful. I was so worried about doing it. I did it after reading this.
    by Hakim Afridi on Feb 26, 2017.
  12. Bless you!
    by Glenn Shean on Feb 27, 2017.
  13. For Mac, highlight what you want, then go to format --> paragraph --> under indentation its the drop down that says special --> hanging.
    by paige on Mar 06, 2017.
  14. I learned something! This is so important to know for my research papers. Thank you, really. Really, thank you!
    by ninette on Apr 05, 2017.
  15. This was so helpful. Thank you so much.
    by Alden on Apr 23, 2017.
  16. So helpful. Thank you!
    by Fat on Apr 29, 2017.
    by Jarisbeth on Apr 29, 2017.
  18. Thank you so much this really helped me when i was in great need.
    by Queen Frimpong on May 05, 2017.
    by Matt on May 16, 2017.
  20. its really very help full..thankyou thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou so much....most of time my supervisor use to insult me because of referencing..she is also unaware about it....its miracle
    by Aati on May 20, 2017.

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