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How do I indent my references in Microsoft Word?

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2016  |  48591 Views
Topics: APA, Software

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To create a hanging indent on your References page to comply with APA,

  • Highlight with your cursor your Reference list.
  • Then, on the Home tab, click on the arrow in the lower right hand corner of the Paragraph section of the Ribbon.
  • In the Indentation section of the box, use the drop down menu under Special to choose Hanging.  
  • Click OK. (See image below).

You can also create a hanging indent manually:

  • Clicking on the View tab and checking the Ruler box on the Show section of the Ribbon.
  • Highlight your References with your cursor.
  • Once the ruler is displayed, click and drag the bottom of the indent slider over to .5"
  • and if it's not already there, click and drag the top portion of the indent slider back to the left margin marker.

For Word 2010 & 2013:

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Other Answers / Comments (7)

  1. Thanks guys,that was really helpful.
    by henry on Feb 27, 2014.
  2. I found this very helpful for my post graduate project writing. Thanks a lot!!!
    by Tosin on Aug 04, 2014.
  3. Thank-you! This was exactly what I was looking for and helped immensely :)
    by Lynn on Sep 17, 2014.
    by Paris on Dec 17, 2014.
  5. Was very helpful. Thank you.
    by trix on Jan 15, 2016.
  6. i don't think this was very clear at all. The lower right hand corner of the paragraph portion of the ribbon in home bring me to a sort option, without any of the identifying headings your advice references. sorry.
    by stuart brody on Feb 03, 2016.
  7. Another way to create a hanging indent is, after highlighting the area you want indented, right click on the highlighted area and from the list select Paragraph. This will give you the option to change the drop-down menu under Special: to Hanging.
    by Patrick Mullane on Feb 03, 2016.

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