Q. How do I indent my references in Microsoft Word?


To create a hanging indent on the References page for APA:

  • Highlight the References list.
  • Under Home tab, click on the arrow by Paragraph.
  • In the Indentation section, use the drop down under Special to choose Hanging.  
  • Click OK.

Using keyboard shortcuts, highlight the text then press CTRL + T for a hanging indent

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  6. Another way to create a hanging indent is, after highlighting the area you want indented, right click on the highlighted area and from the list select Paragraph. This will give you the option to change the drop-down menu under Special: to Hanging.
    by Patrick Mullane on Feb 03, 2016.
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  13. For Mac, highlight what you want, then go to format --> paragraph --> under indentation its the drop down that says special --> hanging.
    by paige on Mar 06, 2017.
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  24. Same can be done with a shortcuts. Press CTRL T while the text is highlighted. This will create hanging indent.
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